Pinnacle Prevention Identity

We are proud to have collaborated with a new Arizona-based business, Pinnacle Prevention, to develop their branding and business cards! (Have you heard of Pinnacle Peak? Neither had I!) Pinnacle Prevention offers services promoting healthy eating and active living for individuals and the larger community, with a focus on pediatric wellbeing.

The design uses stylized Ps (hooray for alliteration!) to form a pinwheel — a symbol of childhood, breath, and outdoor activity. We also developed the company’s tag line.

Pinnacle Prevention

Our “Odd” Downton Abbey Card

Wow! One of the cards from our Downton Abbey Time Machine series was just featured in a Dallas pop-culture blog discussing “odd Downton Abbey items you can buy on the internet.” Hysterical. We love it! And we love Lady Violet…and her iPod. Find her in our Etsy shop!

Says author Amanda Wilkins:

The hit British series Downtown Abbey returns for its fourth season (to U.S. audiences, that is) on Sunday night on PBS. In honor of the show’s glorious return to our airwaves, I found 9 of the strangest Downton Abbey-themed items you can find online. God bless the Internet. I have to admit it. I am actually tempted to buy this one. I mean, it’s Lady Crawley listening to some tunes on her iPhone.

Lady Violet's iPod

Going Big! A Roadside Banner

We don’t often work on large-size projects, so it was pretty cool to design a big ol’ road banner for local studio/gallery 413 Glassworks. They have an awesome location right on the bike trail in Cheshire, directly across from Whitney’s, on a somewhat uninvitingly named street — Nobody’s Road. A street with such a name calls for a little extra signage for your business.

The sign below is being printed as I type. Look for it on Route 8 and check out the beautiful work in the gallery!

413 Glassworks Road Banner


I like to include a bit of process in our portfolio — a glimpse into how we think. Below are some fun, rough (rejected!) ideas from the first round of layouts, along with the final design.

413 Glassworks Road Banner_process

Sesame Street Nostalgia: Reusable Grocery Tote

Constant exposure to current children’s shows (read: Caillou) has me nostalgic for the TV programming of my childhood — specifically, the 1970s version of Sesame Street that I grew up with. I could make a long list of my personal favorite clips (“We All Live in a Capital I,” “Be My Echo,” “Me and My Llama…”). Along with “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…6, 7, 8, 9, 10…11, 12,” the cartoon about the girl repeating her little grocery list — “a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter” — is ingrained in so many of our brains.

We decided to feature the famous line from this memorable Sesame Street segment on a reusable grocery tote bag. With a subtle nod to the original animation, here is that bag — available in our Etsy shop in a couple of weeks!

Grocery bag - A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter.

Need a refresher? Here is the video.

Free Printable: Denise Huxtable’s Love Poem

Though I’m feeling like I’m the only one who has seen this episode of The Cosby Show upwards of 10 times…this card had to be made. And, we’re offering it as a free printable — BONUS!

So, Denise was all depressed and was writing depressing poetry that Dr. Huxtable thought was utter crap. After little thought, Denise came to the realization that the world is all good and love, and she rewrote her poem. Ahem…

My mother and my father are my best friends.
When I’m all alone, I don’t have to be.
It’s because of me that I’m all alone, you see.
Their love is real…

Never have they lied to me, never connived me,
talked behind my back.
Never have they cheated me.
Their love is real, their love is real.

<<insert Claire Huxtable hugs and tears>>

And now, the last line of this poem is elegantly preserved in an anniversary card — perhaps for your loving, Cosby-fan parents.

Click HERE. Download it. Print it. Trim it. Wow them with memories of bad TV poetry. (And please leave a comment below to let us know that you downloaded our card—thanks!)





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