Free Printable: Denise Huxtable’s Love Poem

Though I’m feeling like I’m the only one who has seen this episode of The Cosby Show upwards of 10 times…this card had to be made. And, we’re offering it as a free printable — BONUS!

So, Denise was all depressed and was writing depressing poetry that Dr. Huxtable thought was utter crap. After little thought, Denise came to the realization that the world is all good and love, and she rewrote her poem. Ahem…

My mother and my father are my best friends.
When I’m all alone, I don’t have to be.
It’s because of me that I’m all alone, you see.
Their love is real…

Never have they lied to me, never connived me,
talked behind my back.
Never have they cheated me.
Their love is real, their love is real.

<<insert Claire Huxtable hugs and tears>>

And now, the last line of this poem is elegantly preserved in an anniversary card — perhaps for your loving, Cosby-fan parents.

Click HERE. Download it. Print it. Trim it. Wow them with memories of bad TV poetry. (And please leave a comment below to let us know that you downloaded our card—thanks!)





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