Dalton Cooperative Preschool Identity

Local Dalton Cooperative Nursery School was lacking a visual identity of its own. In fact, it just happened that another local preschool was using the same generic preschool logo — time to differentiate!

Our design utilizes the school building’s unique shape as the foundation for a one-of-a-kind logo.

DCNS LogoDCNS building

We also created a new website for the school — a reference for current and future families alike. Slowly, slowly, we are becoming comfortable with (really) basic web work! Here’s a screenshot:

DCNS web screenshot

Pinnacle Prevention Identity

We are proud to have collaborated with a new Arizona-based business, Pinnacle Prevention, to develop their branding and business cards! (Have you heard of Pinnacle Peak? Neither had I!) Pinnacle Prevention offers services promoting healthy eating and active living for individuals and the larger community, with a focus on pediatric wellbeing.

The design uses stylized Ps (hooray for alliteration!) to form a pinwheel — a symbol of childhood, breath, and outdoor activity. We also developed the company’s tag line.

Pinnacle Prevention

Going Big! A Roadside Banner

We don’t often work on large-size projects, so it was pretty cool to design a big ol’ road banner for local studio/gallery 413 Glassworks. They have an awesome location right on the bike trail in Cheshire, directly across from Whitney’s, on a somewhat uninvitingly named street — Nobody’s Road. A street with such a name calls for a little extra signage for your business.

The sign below is being printed as I type. Look for it on Route 8 and check out the beautiful work in the gallery!

413 Glassworks Road Banner


I like to include a bit of process in our portfolio — a glimpse into how we think. Below are some fun, rough (rejected!) ideas from the first round of layouts, along with the final design.

413 Glassworks Road Banner_process

Marriage Advice Card for Wedding Guests

Someone came across this funny little card on the interwebs and was hoping that we could “copy” it for use at their wedding. My short answer was “no.” My long answer involved trying to find the original designer to order copies through her, but despite how admired this card seems to be, no one has included the original link in their pins, shares, tumblr images and such. I tried, original designer. I really did.

My long answer also involved creating a completely new inklings-designed card, inspired by the original. And that’s just what we did. (And it was really fun to write and design!) It’s now available as a downloadable PDF in our Etsy shop.

The card is primarily meant to be a way for wedding guests to submit marriage advice to the newly married couple, but it involves a bit of fun along the way. It asks guests to interact with the other guests (who they may not know) at their table — a wedding seating ice-breaker! Or, perhaps they could be used in place of a guest book.

Oh…and no mad libs in this one! Enough already.

Wedding Guest-Advice Card1


The cute fonts were designed by Kimbery Geswein.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

What fun to design a country chic-ish wedding invitation package for an upcoming ceremony at rustic Bucksteep Manor here in the Berkshires! The reception will be held in Bucksteep’s Carriage Barn, the wood siding of which inspired the background of the wedding invitation, response card, and thank-you note design. Colors were based upon the chosen bridesmaid’s dresses, which matched Paper Source’s poppy envelopes perfectly!

Amy Wedding ALL_small

A Glowing Review

The client for whom we recently designed a 20-page teacher portfolio book was so kind to write about her experience working with inklings design. I confess, this made my day:

Erin Murphy [of inklings design studio] is a phenomenal designer and can make your dreams come true. I am in education and wanted to replace my 80s version, 3 ring binder, portfolio to a modern, slick, mini-portfolio that was like a snapfish book. I wanted it to be “consumable.” In other words, I would be able to give it to a principal, or parent to keep. She not only saw what I wanted but knew exactly how to make it happen. She was patient with my confusing time line and many revisions as I added or removed content. The following year when I wanted to update, she was able to advise how to do that economically and practically. Everyone is impressed with the final product. I feel it is more than I imagined and I feel fortunate to have found such a gifted person. When you hire Erin Murphy you are guaranteed success!

—Briget Nicholson

Godzilla Birthday Invitation

What do you do when your almost-10-year-old son wants a Godzilla-themed birthday party, but needs said Godzilla to be from a specific era of the Godzilla genre? You find someone to design custom invitations!

High-resolution Godzilla — excuse me, Gojira — images are hard to come by. So, we worked with what we could find. Who knew that the giant lizard (?) had so many incarnations?

Below is the birthday invitation and some stickers for the invitees:

Godzilla Birthday Invitation

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