Dalton Cooperative Preschool Identity

Local Dalton Cooperative Nursery School was lacking a visual identity of its own. In fact, it just happened that another local preschool was using the same generic preschool logo — time to differentiate!

Our design utilizes the school building’s unique shape as the foundation for a one-of-a-kind logo.

DCNS LogoDCNS building

We also created a new website for the school — a reference for current and future families alike. Slowly, slowly, we are becoming comfortable with (really) basic web work! Here’s a screenshot:

DCNS web screenshot

Pinnacle Prevention Identity

We are proud to have collaborated with a new Arizona-based business, Pinnacle Prevention, to develop their branding and business cards! (Have you heard of Pinnacle Peak? Neither had I!) Pinnacle Prevention offers services promoting healthy eating and active living for individuals and the larger community, with a focus on pediatric wellbeing.

The design uses stylized Ps (hooray for alliteration!) to form a pinwheel — a symbol of childhood, breath, and outdoor activity. We also developed the company’s tag line.

Pinnacle Prevention

Montessori Parent Group Logo

We loved the opportunity to design a logo for internal use at the Montessori School of the Berkshires.

With great direction and ideas from the school, we developed a logo to represent the school’s Parent Group and their inspirational tagline, “With strong roots we will stretch our branches.”

Here is the final logo:


KS Photography Logo

We had the recent pleasure of updating the logo for a local creative business, KS Photography. We maintained the original color and scripty font use, but introduced a cleaner, more modern feel.


Here’s the previous logo:



And here’s the new logo:


Placing a “K” and an “S” next to each other created a very strange white space between the two letters (see the original logo above). The biggest challenge in this redesign was figuring out how to position these letter shapes so that they work together instead of fighting each other. Fun!

This design allows for two easily-recognized watermark options, as well.


Below are some other contenders. (Branding is fun!)

Music in Our Schools

inklings was asked to design the logo/illustration for a Pittsfield Public Schools band named in memory of a beloved science teacher (who kept butterflies in her classroom).  What an honor to be mentioned in the program for the premiere of Janey’s Stars Band this evening! A special hello to anyone visiting our page after attending that wonderful, inspiring performance!

Janey's Stars Band logo

Students chose a bright green shirt for the design!

Janey's Stars Band shirt

The kids and the Eagles Band have me thinking it’s time to dust off my clarinet! But first, must finish building this website!

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