Our “Odd” Downton Abbey Card

Wow! One of the cards from our Downton Abbey Time Machine series was just featured in a Dallas pop-culture blog discussing “odd Downton Abbey items you can buy on the internet.” Hysterical. We love it! And we love Lady Violet…and her iPod. Find her in our Etsy shop!

Says author Amanda Wilkins:

The hit British series Downtown Abbey returns for its fourth season (to U.S. audiences, that is) on Sunday night on PBS. In honor of the show’s glorious return to our airwaves, I found 9 of the strangest Downton Abbey-themed items you can find online. God bless the Internet. I have to admit it. I am actually tempted to buy this one. I mean, it’s Lady Crawley listening to some tunes on her iPhone.

Lady Violet's iPod

A Glowing Review

The client for whom we recently designed a 20-page teacher portfolio book was so kind to write about her experience working with inklings design. I confess, this made my day:

Erin Murphy [of inklings design studio] is a phenomenal designer and can make your dreams come true. I am in education and wanted to replace my 80s version, 3 ring binder, portfolio to a modern, slick, mini-portfolio that was like a snapfish book. I wanted it to be “consumable.” In other words, I would be able to give it to a principal, or parent to keep. She not only saw what I wanted but knew exactly how to make it happen. She was patient with my confusing time line and many revisions as I added or removed content. The following year when I wanted to update, she was able to advise how to do that economically and practically. Everyone is impressed with the final product. I feel it is more than I imagined and I feel fortunate to have found such a gifted person. When you hire Erin Murphy you are guaranteed success!

—Briget Nicholson

A Lovely Testimonial

We recently had the pleasure of designing invitations for an intimate summer wedding ceremony here in the Berkshires. The invitations incorporated an image that was especially meaningful to the couple — a photo from their first love note. The invitations were presented as a scroll, tied with lovely sheer ribbon, which the couple hand-delivered to their wedding guests. We suggested they do so on a bicycle-built-for-two! (Perhaps a bit impractical in muggy July?)
I wanted to say how happy we were with our invitations and announcements. I would love to share how you worked with our idea of using our special love note picture as our wedding invitation. You were so able to capture the joy and playfulness of our relationship! You listened carefully to our wish for a warm, sweet, and playful invitation to our special celebration. The invitations and announcements were simply beautiful!  The colors and print turned were stunning. You did exquisite work for us! We can’t thank you enough!
Sincerely, Becky and Keith

Quite an Endorsement!

A big thank-you to Karen at KS Photography for taking the time to write about her experience working with us!

My name is Karen Schiltz and I am the owner/operator of KS Photography, an event and portrait photography business based in Pittsfield, MA.

I would like to enthusiastically recommend the design services of Erin and Joanne of Inklings Design. Earlier this year, I had been working with a marketing specialist who had hired someone to design a new logo for me. When I met Erin and Joanne at a charity event that we both had donated items to, I had begun to feel frustrated and resigned. I had decided that I must be doing something wrong, as I could not get a design I was happy with. Multiple edits and changes had been made to the logo (one which I did not really even like in the first place, but which was the best of the lot), and I still felt it was just not me. No matter how many times I sent it back and tried to explain why it was not working for me, the next batch was never any closer to what I had in mind.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted, I just knew they weren’t coming up with it! The colleagues and friends I showed it to had an equally uninspired response.

When I explained this to Erin and Joanne, they felt sure that rather than some shortcoming on my part, I had just not clicked with these designers. It was such a relief just to feel like maybe it was not ALL me! I had one meeting with Erin to describe my business briefly, showing her a few samples of my shooting style and some promotional pieces I had designed myself.

Considering my previous experience, I was only slightly hopeful that this might be different. She assured me that if I was not any closer to something that excited and inspired me when we were done, that I would not owe them a cent. So what did I have to lose? In a few short days I had samples of Erin’s new designs, and I was BLOWN AWAY! The clean simple style and dynamic creativity that came across in the logos made it so clear that I had found my designer. I picked a favorite (which wasn’t easy because I liked them ALL) and we took off with it. We are moving on to business cards next.

I cannot find words strong enough to explain the feeling of working with someone who really gets you — what you’re trying to do and say with your branding. It’s so important in a field such as mine to stand out and make a strong first impression. When I sit down for an initial consultation with my photography clients, I listen much more than I talk. It’s the client’s vison that counts. We as artists will be trying to take an idea or concept and present it in a visual way. From the onset Erin got that, and what she presented right away in that first round was so in line with what I wanted to say about myself and my business. I am so inspired by my new logo that I feel re-invigorated every time I get to use it. My clients, colleagues and fans on Facebook love it, but more important I feel like it’s MINE.

I am so glad I didn’t have to settle for less.

I would recommend Erin Murphy and inklings to anyone looking for a talented, top-notch designer to help with branding, marketing and promotional pieces. It doesn’t make sense to waste time with someone who doesn’t take the time to really get who you are and what you’re looking for. Erin and Joanne are talented and they listen. That makes them great at what they do.

Music in Our Schools

inklings was asked to design the logo/illustration for a Pittsfield Public Schools band named in memory of a beloved science teacher (who kept butterflies in her classroom).  What an honor to be mentioned in the program for the premiere of Janey’s Stars Band this evening! A special hello to anyone visiting our page after attending that wonderful, inspiring performance!

Janey's Stars Band logo

Students chose a bright green shirt for the design!

Janey's Stars Band shirt

The kids and the Eagles Band have me thinking it’s time to dust off my clarinet! But first, must finish building this website!

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