Marriage Advice Card for Wedding Guests

Someone came across this funny little card on the interwebs and was hoping that we could “copy” it for use at their wedding. My short answer was “no.” My long answer involved trying to find the original designer to order copies through her, but despite how admired this card seems to be, no one has included the original link in their pins, shares, tumblr images and such. I tried, original designer. I really did.

My long answer also involved creating a completely new inklings-designed card, inspired by the original. And that’s just what we did. (And it was really fun to write and design!) It’s now available as a downloadable PDF in our Etsy shop.

The card is primarily meant to be a way for wedding guests to submit marriage advice to the newly married couple, but it involves a bit of fun along the way. It asks guests to interact with the other guests (who they may not know) at their table — a wedding seating ice-breaker! Or, perhaps they could be used in place of a guest book.

Oh…and no mad libs in this one! Enough already.

Wedding Guest-Advice Card1


The cute fonts were designed by Kimbery Geswein.

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