erin & joanneinklings was born from Erin and Joanne’s shared creative reaction to the human experience. From the most joyful life events to the quirky moments we all share, each of our experiences is worthy of celebration. In our over-paced world, we strive to create designs that create pause…and a smile.

We begin with a blank slate and an open mind. We combine your input, needs, and personality with our brainstorming power, lovely but irreverent humor (when appropriate!), exciting design skills, boring really awesome technical knowledge, and our refusal to settle for anything less than the creation of a meaningful piece of nostalgic art.

We live and work in beautiful Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts and we support our local economy whenever possible, partnering with local printers and businesses. We love to meet our clients in person, but can work with you wherever you may be. So, make like Cupid and his arrow, and shoot us an email! Like that cute little guy, we promise to put our hearts into your project.

We have designed work for companies near and far. Please take a moment to view our design portfolio and read about our current endeavors. Some of our clients have included the following businesses:

  • Berkshire OB-GYN Associates
  • Montessori School of the Berkshires
  • Berkshire Community College
  • Berkshire Place
  • 413 Glassworks
  • Berkshire County Kids’ Place
  • Moments House
  • Pinnacle Prevention
  • Dalton Cooperative Nursery School
  • Karen Schiltz Photography

We have designed wedding invitations and baby announcements for a number of individuals. And, of course, we are our own clients for the fun work we offer in our Etsy shop.

Erin, the left-brained inkling

I attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design following a u-turn from my first career. You can learn about my lapsed physical therapy license here! My graphic designer self has worked for publishing, advertising, and real estate companies, and my work has received awards from the Rx Club and the Association for Conservation Information. (I confess, though, that I am most proud of my student work that was selected for publication, as it was designed from the heart.) Always analytical, I am blown away by the capabilities of Joanne’s right brain. And by Joanne herself!

Joanne, the right-brained inkling

I am proud to announce that I am a four-time Doodley Award Winner. After that, everything else pales in comparison. I have years of visual design experience including floral design for exquisite weddings, independent film sets, and jewelry. My work was featured in the Art of the Game (a public art project celebrating the history of baseball in Pittsfield, Massachusetts) and in Walk-On (a public sidewalk art project celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Pittsfield). I am excited to join Erin as a fellow inkling because Erin makes me laugh. What could be better than that?

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